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Tommee Tippee Changetime Odour Neutralising Spray

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'I recently discovered this after trying it on a whim and it does what it says! We have a twist and click bin in my daughter's room and it's great, but when I do a bad nappy in there the awful smell in the air can really linger and a couple of sprays of this and it's gone, it's fragrance-free which I like as some sprays can be really overpowering, I now take it with me everywhere!' 

Little bottoms can produce some big smells. A quick spritz of this nappy odour neutralising spray helps eliminate nappy odours fast. Say goodbye to bad smells; and hello to fresh; smell free and naturally balanced air.

On the go - The small spritz bottle fits into any handbag or changing bag; so you can blitz nappy odours anywhere in an instant. Handy when you’re changing your baby in someone else’s home.

Fragrance-free - Blitz those bad smells without using masking fragrances; leaving just naturally balanced fresh air.

  • Neutralises nappy odours fast – goodbye bad smells; hello fresh; clean and naturally balanced air.
  • Clears nappy odours from the air without using any fragrance
  • Fragrance-free + allergy friendly – no need to worry about masking fragrances or harsh chemicals around baby
  • Instantly effective – a quick spray in the air and changing odours are gone
  • 500 spritzes per bottle – covers lots of nappy changes and is small enough to fit in your handbag

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