The Original Twins Baby Cards by Milestone™

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Why I love this! 
"Everybody will tell you how fast it goes when they are little but you don't appreciate it until the time starts flying by, especially when pregnancy seemed to last so long! I loved getting photographs of milestone moments and these make a really lovely gift"
Product Details

 Remember those precious twin moments!

This special version of the Original Baby Cards by Milestone™ is specially created for parents of twins, to capture special twin moments like arriving home and smiling at each other. But also for all those other wonderful firsts like rolling over, sitting up and saying Ma-ma.

This set contains 30 photo cards with all the big events of their very first year.

Simply fill in the date and take a picture of your babies together with the cards. Your baby pictures will be truly unforgettable!

The cards and box are printed on FSC certified paper that is acid and chlorine-free. The printer uses eco-friendly bio-inks.

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