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Munchkin 59S Mini Steriliser Portable UV Sanitiser

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Why I love this!"My daughter can now easily pull off her dummy clip and the number of times it has been flung on to the floor when we are out and about, I've lost count. I love this mini steriliser as it just clips to your bag and is at hand for times like this, just pop it in and it's sterilised within a minute. For me, it's added peace of mind, especially with the current climate"

Product Details

Babies drop things in dirty places at the worst times. The portable Mini Steriliser sanitises pacifiers; bottle nipples; and more in under a minute so you can be on your way anywhere.

The Mini Steriliser safely eliminates over 99% of bacteria and viruses such as e. Coli; Salmonella; and Influenza (flu) using just UV light and has been tested by independent labs. No chemicals; heat; or water needed! The Mini Steriliser's 4 gold-plated UV LED lights are mercury and ozone-free and auto shuts-off when the lid is opened.

UV light is a safe and proven method of killing bacteria that is used by hospitals to sanitise everything from operating rooms to surgical equipment. You can trust the Mini Steriliser to help keep your baby safe; healthy, and satisfied anywhere in seconds!

  • Kills 99%+ of bacteria & viruses from pacifiers and bottle nipples in 59 seconds using UV-C light
  • Safely kills Staph; E. coli; RSV; Salmonella; Kleb; Influenza (Flu) & other common germs
  • Child-safe UV light auto shuts-off when the lid is opened
  • Removes odour-causing bacteria and sterilises without using harmful chemicals using long-lasting 4 gold LED beads
  • Included strap easily attaches to a handbag; nappy bag; etc.

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