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Moss Green Knitted Dodo Soft Toy

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Knitted moss green dodo soft toy with pink webbed feet. This soft toy is machine washable and suitable from birth.

Dodo birds were flightless birds because they did not have any predators (animals or human) on the island of Mauritius and didn't need to fly. Therefore, they ate fruits, nuts, and seeds on the ground. Even though they couldn't fly, they could run very fast. They also went into the water and ate crabs or shellfish.

Dido Dodo
Dido the dodo cannot fly
But that's no reason for her to cry
She doesn't have a nasty feather
She'll be there for you whatever the weather.


  • Approximate dimensions: 24cm x 32cm x 13cm. Dimensions can vary and are giving as a guide only.
  • An ideal gift for a baby or toddler.
  • Suitable from Birth
  • Acrylic. Ethically sourced
  • Machine washable

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