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Babies love the SkinSoftTM Teat because it feels so soft and familiar, just like a mother's skin which makes switching between breastfeeding and bottle especially easy.

Proven effect: 94%* of babies accept the MAM Teat. The symmetric shape fits perfectly in babies mouth and because MAM offer a number of different flow rates to perfectly suit whichever stage your baby is at.

Teat 0 is perfect of newborns, smaller and premature babies and particularly suitable for breast milk. This is the slowest and smallest teat in the MAM range. Teats must be replaced every 1-2 months for safety and hygiene reasons.

(*Market research 2009–2017, tested with 1,508 babies)


  • SkinSoft Silicone teat accepted by 94%* of babies. For a familiar feeling.
  • Symmetric shape - always fits perfectly in baby's mouth
  • Air Valve - prevents the teat from collapsing. Allows for an even drinking flow. Textured for breast-like feeding
  • Adapted to the low viscosity of breast milk
  • Teat size 0
  • Suitable for newborns, smaller and premature babies

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