Lindam Nursery Night Light Set

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'I have several of these plug-in night lights around the house and they are a must-have, we have one in the hall downstairs and upstairs so it's perfect if we have to get up in the night to see to our little one without turning on all the lights and ensuring everybody gets woken up! I love the fact they are long life and low energy, we also use it in our bedroom when Sofia has been unwell and slept with us'

The Lindam Night Light Set is perfect for use in the nursery; hallway and on landings. The automatic nursery safety sensor light has a dusk 'til dawn sensor detecting light levels; automatically switching on at dusk and off at dawn. The light remains cool to touch. The plug light uses a long life ultra-low energy bulb; switching on and off at the mains.

  • Detects light levels: automatically switching on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Long life: Provides light for over 10;000 hours
  • LED bulb: Ensures the light remains cool to touch
  • 1 x Plug Light
  • Long Life: Ultra Low energy bulb
  • Easy operation: Switches on and off at the mains