Lalaboom 2 Sensory Balls and 4 Educational Beads

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A set of 2 sensory balls with 4 different beads to develop the first notions of fine motor skills of the child but also their imagination.

These large, colourful, sensory balls open and assemble with Lalaboom educational beads to create infinite constructions. By playing and manipulating the sensory balls, your child will step by step develop new skills that are essential for their development while creating beautiful constructions.

The set encourages 4 progressive stages of learning through the actions of pop, twist, mix and stack of the beads. The variety of colours and textures will further appeal and engage little ones in play and manipulation of the beads to develop new motor skills step by step. Lalaboom beads and sensory balls support children in their psychomotor development, allowing them to work on fine motor skills, concentration, dexterity, creativity and even hand-eye coordination.

The Lalaboom concept is directly inspired by the Montessori method of education: taking the child’s needs into consideration, leaving them to learn at their own pace, respecting their freedom, and encouraging them to discover their senses and skills.


  • Multiple possible combinations to develop children's senses
  • The balls open in 2 parts for even more construction
  • 4 progressive learning stages: pop, twist, mix, stack
  • Suitable from 10 to 36 months


  • 12 x pieces (total)
  • 2 x sensory balls (2 halves each)
  • 4 x educational beads (2 halves each)

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