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Our Closer to Nature bottle is inspired by what babies love most: mum. With the most breast-like teat ever made; this bottle flexes like mum and feels like mum because babies prefer it that way. In fact; our Closer to Nature bottle has guaranteed acceptance and an anti-colic valve making it the best thing for baby since you are making feeding easier for everyone.

Only the best for your little prince or princess; this set of three 260ml baby bottles comes in two limited edition designs of 'Midnight Skies' or 'Morning Skies'. Each bottle comes with our award winning slow flow teats; ideal for newborn babies. They are compatible with all Closer to Nature teats with acceptance guaranteed*; so you can adapt the bottle flow as your baby grows. These magical; metallic designs make the perfect gift that both mum and baby will love.

  • Award-winning Breast-like Teat Like a breast because babies prefer it that way – acceptance guaranteed! *
  • Anti-Colic Valve The Closer to Nature teat with anti-colic valve reduces excessive air flow; so little ones ingest more milk and less air
  • Baby Safe All Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles are BPA-free for your ultimate reassurance.
  • 3 Way Easy Hold The compact shape of Closer to Nature bottles allows baby to feed in a natural position and to be closer to Mum or Dad. The easy hold bottle can be held in 3 ways - cradled comfortably in the hand; gripped in the same way as a traditional wide neck bottle; or held from the base- making feeding comfortable for everyone.
  • Go with the flow We offer different flow rates to keep up with your growing baby. Every baby is different but as a guide we suggest slow flow for 0+months; medium flow for 3+ months and fast flow for 6+ months. Closer to Nature teats are only compatible with Closer to Nature bottles.
  • Moving on If it takes longer than 20 minutes to finish a bottle; baby tugs at the teat or baby falls asleep mid-bottle; these are potential signs you may need to increase the teat flow rate.
  • Change me Our teats are silky soft. Change them if they get damaged or bitten by tiny teeth.
  • Squeeze me Give me a squeeze to ensure my super-sensitive anti-colic valve is open after storing and cleaning.

*92% of parents who used Closer to Nature® teats with their babies recalled that they accepted it within the first 3 attempts; based on 1200 parents questioned.

Always BPA and phthalate free for ultimate reassurance

Includes 3 x 260ml bottles