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Back Seat Car Mirror

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'I bought one of these after somebody mentioned one in a forum and it's so simple but a real must-have in my opinion. My daughter is still rear-facing at 2 and we still have this up and use it every day, it's so handy to be able to see my daughter at a glance'

Product Details

The Safety First back seat mirror is designed for parents who want to keep on eye on their child while driving. Thanks to its easy adjustment and wide-angle view, the mirror is a must-have for every parent and it does not obstruct rear visibility.

Designed for observing your child seating a rear-facing car seat, the Safety First back seat car mirror can easily and quickly be installed by attaching the straps to the headrest of a rear seat. This mirror needs to be installed at an adjoining seat and not directly on the seat where the car seat is located.


  • The large mirror allows the parent to see their child better
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Adjustable straps simply secure the mirror to the headrest
  • Adjustable arm allows for the mirror to be positioned at any angle
  • Ideal for parents to keep an eye on a rear-facing child

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