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What an absolutely amazing start I have had, literally hit the ground running and I'm so grateful to each and every one of you, I really am.
I've been working some crazy hours as some of you may have noticed on my recent Insta story but I am absolutely loving it! So this week is a pretty full-on week, I've been finishing working at 11 pm each night and getting up at 6 am most mornings. I have just about got Sofia's 2nd birthday sorted, in terms of theme and presents and whatnot, and...I have had some beautiful new arrivals, 2 of which I wanted to focus on in this post.
When I began Love My Lot I asked a group of my friends, all who had babies around the same time what their must-have products were and the one that kept coming up? Close Caboo! duh, obviously, I cabooed myself so I made it a priority to begin stocking this lovely award-winning brand and they arrived this week.

Close Parent Logo

What are the benefits of babywearing?

  • Baby is soothed by parent’s movements, closeness and heartbeat
  • The wearer can maintain visual contact with the baby at all times for extra-reassurance in those first formative months
  • Bonding is increased between parent and child
  • Baby is better stimulated, having a greater awareness and interaction with the world around them
  • Reduced bouts of crying and so less stress for parent and child
  • Keeps parent’s hands-free for other day-to-day tasks
  • Ideal for use skin-to-skin contact, keeping baby warm and establishing breastfeeding

Close Caboo

Caboos (urban definition: to be close to someone) are as simple with your new born as they are with nippers, whenever, wherever or however you use them, you can see the full range here along with instructions or find which is the right Caboo for you here

Heart picture

I was searching for a soft doll that was suitable for a newborn when I came across these lovely Tendresse (a feeling of fondness or love) dolls and I just knew I had to stock them if I could and I'm so excited to be able to let you know these arrived this week too!

Tendresse Dolls

These dolls will delight both young and old with the super sweet detailing and they have lovely chunky limbs which helps little ones to grasp, and I love them as they are suitable from birth. Not just for girls either, I have some friends whose baby boys love their dolls and we also have a sweet boy doll, Lucas. You can see the full range of soft dolls here

heart picture

Last but not least, I received my very first reviews yesterday which was SO exciting!! I am working so hard to get everything perfect and to read such wonderful feedback so soon was absolutely thrilling and I am so pleased to read such wonderful feedback, thank you so much!

glowing review

As always if there are any products you would like to see added or you have any ideas you would like to see, any feedback, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at and let me know what you think of this lovely newness!

Love Krissi




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