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Introductions aren't really my strong point, neither is writing a blog come to think of it but Love My Lot is really an extension of me and the things I love and how I spent a lot of time researching so it makes sense that I am the ‘face’ of the brand.

But I don’t have a face for anything, especially at the moment with the ongoing pandemic, working my main job, setting up Love My Lot and launching the website, looking after a toddler and trying to ensure the house is reasonably tidy amid all the chaos. It honestly feels like a full-on pamper session if I just to get chance to wash my hair at the moment, I feel like the days of adding gorgeous curls, a realistic fake tan, winged liner (make that any make-up full stop!) and gorgeous nails are a distant memory but don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I really do love my lot (drum roll), I’m just a bit nervous about launching myself on to the internet, especially the video reviews but I also know how much I personally valued good reviews so keep an eye out for those.

I found out I was pregnant on 6th December 2017 not long after my 37th birthday. We fell instantly much to the surprise of us and everyone, I had severe anxiety since I was 13 (that is probably another blog post there) and when it came to my pregnancy my husband wanted me to take it easy, turns out I was nauseous and vomiting through all of it so I did not need much encouragement. I spent much of my time scouring Pinterest, blogs, forums, Instagram, creating lists and lists of what were the best products, what would I need, what should I take to the hospital, how would I handle labour, how would it all work with my aforementioned anxiety, what is the difference between a vest, bodysuit and sleepsuit and was it true that sucking snot out of a babies nose was an actual thing?

the early days

I’d never had the opportunity really to be around babies or children and I can honestly say, both my husband and I were completely clueless and felt very much out of our depth.

Fast forward to being 8 months pregnant and deciding it was a good idea to get married and move house at that time, this was followed by a huge nesting phase along with trotter-like, very swollen feet. I kept thinking about I would love to do a blog, talking about all things to do with nesting, getting my home ready for our new arrival, all the research, help, advice, I loved the idea of sharing all my thoughts, tips and honest insights into one place and I Love My Lot seemed ideal.

Things have not really got any less busy but I have, after much blood, sweat, tears and drama not only managed to get this actually going, but I decided to also start sourcing and selling these much-loved products and favourites that I recommend, so it’s all combined in one, convenient location which brings me to 24th July 2020 and pressing the ‘go live’ button of my site.

I have sourced some beautiful new items, some of which are already online and available and some that will be coming through in the weeks and months ahead and the next plan is to start on some video reviews for you to go alongside this space

If you have read this far, thank you from the bottom of your heart for your interest in LML and I hope you will stick around, or even better, join me on social media and perhaps sign up to our newsletter, send me some feedback, what were your must-haves and life hacks that you would recommend to your friends and parents to be?

I cannot wait to hear what you think and where this all goes and I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

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